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Student Spotlight

Abidemi Aregbe

Major: Biochemistry
Minor: French

Photo of student

Hi! My name is Abidemi Aregbe and I’m majoring in Biochemistry with a premed focus and minoring in French and I’m from Fishers, Indiana. I chose Biochemistry because I’ve always been interested in how the human body worked but I was never quite satisfied just knowing what did what. I really wanted to know why things worked the way they do and then I learned about biochemistry. Approaching biology from a chemist’s point of view offered me the “why” that explained the daily processes behind life that we sometimes take for granted!

I chose my French minor because throughout high school I had taken French language classes and I fell in love with francophone culture and music. Although my primary language is English, almost 90% of the music I listen to is in French. My French minor allows me to practice the language and explore the different aspects of French and French-speaking cultures that I’ve always found so fascinating. When I’m not in class, you can find me in my organic chemistry research lab where I make fluorescent dyes for noninvasive imaging and signaling! My passion for research was one of the first things that drew me towards the Honors College at Purdue. I had been part of a couple different research experiences in high school and knew I loved working in a lab and presenting my findings and one of the first things that stood out to me about the Honors College was the emphasis undergraduate research. It lined up perfectly with my personal passion for research and with all the numerous opportunities to get involved with different labs and professors, I knew the Honors College was the right choice for me.

Outside of class, I’m involved in Purdue Student Government and focus mostly on overseeing our Diversity and Inclusion committee and our Strategic planning and Assessment committee to ensure that all students on campus feel included and like their voices are heard. I’ve also been involved in Boiler Gold Rush which is Purdue’s welcome week orientation program for new students. We help make sure that incoming students start their Purdue experience off right and have the resources necessary to hit the ground running and get the most out of their time here. I’ve been involved with both of these organizations since my freshman year and I’ve been able to grow tremendously thanks to the vast array of experiences they offered me. However, I’d be amiss to not give credit where credit is due. Without the Honors College’s commitment to leadership development and the numerous opportunities available for leadership development from the moment you step foot in the Honors College, I don’t think I would have the leadership skills to do what I love!