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Your Honors College Experience

Purdue Honors College fosters collaborative learning, promotes individual research, fosters community engagement and prepares students for a global world. We appreciate your part in this amazing experience of lateral learning. The Honors College encourages active participation inside and out of the classroom to promote continuous growth throughout all of your years as an undergraduate student. We hope you seek out new experiences within each of the pillars that form the foundation of our community.

New Honors College students, click here to view the welcome video on our Youtube page.

Interdisciplinary Academics

a variety of students in various academic situations: reading, in classroom, on computers, in the library, and having coffee

Honors courses, focused on building relationships among the university’s disciplinary colleges and academic quality, are designed to challenge you to think beyond your field. Students work with and learn from one another in small seminars to promote community, develop collaboration and leadership skills, and to enable holistic, interdisciplinary thinking and problem solving. These courses come in several forms, from HONR and H credit courses, to Honors contract courses.

To learn more about the types of courses and to see course offerings, visit the Honors Courses page.

Leadership Development

teens picking up garbage for community service

Leadership is one of the primary tenets of the Honors College experience. We urge every student to take advantage of our many leadership opportunities. Make an impact on the community from your first to last semester on campus.

Learn more about the leadership opportunities provided by the Honors College on the Student Leadership page.

Undergraduate Research

a student works in a research lab

All Honors College students complete research or other scholarly activity that leads to a culminating thesis or comparable scholarly project, the requirements for which are set by the student’s college or department. In doing so, students are given the opportunity to contribute to the creation of new information. This information, presented in a public forum, connects Honors College students to the larger global conversation.

Learn more about the thesis/scholarly project.

Global Experiences

We are dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities to enhance the honors student experience and take learning beyond the classroom. By creating an environment for every student to feel connected, learn, and grow, we strive to assist each student in pursuing greatness. We invite you to help us build the Honors College community by taking advantage of the study abroad opportunities, specialized programs, and events that connect the Honors College community of scholars with one another, the campus, the Lafayette community, and the world as a whole.

Learn more about honors courses abroad or view the event calendar for upcoming programs and events.